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Collection Services to Fit Your Needs

Government regulations and business taxes make it difficult for a small business to operate successfully. Losing hard-earned income to persons who choose not to pay their just debts makes it more difficult for the small business to survive.

We work closely with Indiana small businesses for recovery of unpaid accounts as well as the costs of collecting delinquent accounts, such as attorney fees, interest and court costs. Special care is taken to minimize the time the business owner must devote to the collection of accounts so that the business owner can devote more time to the actual running of their business.

We provide full-service in the collection of medical, commercial, rental and retail debts, recovery of bad checks and enforcement of judgments.

How We Work

We maintain state-of-the-art technology and skip-tracing programs enabling us to locate your debtors that have "skipped" or do not want to be found. Our management information system enables us to monitor and scrutinize each file closely, to ensure that regular action is taken on a monthly basis, as deemed appropriate, thereby increasing collection results for you. Over the years, we've developed a wide variety of methods for locating debtors and their assets.

Monthly remittance checks and progress reports are provided to the client in a timely fashion and in a straightforward and concise manner. Because we are a local agency, you may call on us any time should you have any questions or concerns.

We recognize the urgency of collecting your debts and we do so in an efficient and professional manner, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Coverage Area

Our primary debt collection coverage area includes Monroe, Lawrence, Brown, Bartholomew, Greene, Johnson, Morgan, Owen and Jackson counties, but we can also offer coverage throughout Indiana.

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