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When a dispute cannot be resolved outside of court, the service of an experienced and energetic litigation attorney is invaluable. Our litigators start by listening. While we understand the law, we know that you are the expert when it comes to your life or your business. After we learn about the nature of your dispute, we provide sound advice regarding the costs and benefits of pursuing or defending a claim.


If a fair resolution cannot be reached by negotiation outside of court, our attorneys will guide you through the litigation process and advocate on your behalf every step of the process.


Our attorneys will inform you when opportunities to resolve your disputes arise before trial. Motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment and other motions may eliminate particular claims or even resolve the entire dispute. Our attorneys regularly prepare these documents, and will concisely and clearly explain to the Court if a particular allegation should be resolved without the expense of trial.


Finally, if a claim cannot be resolved fairly prior to trial, we will present your story to a judge or jury at trial. We have appeared before trial courts across Indiana and regularly appear in the Monroe Circuit Court and courts in neighboring counties. We have staked our reputation on being prepared, professional, and persuasive. Whether your case is scheduled for a brief hearing before a small claims judge or a week-long trial by jury, you can be assured that your attorney will have the experience necessary to effectively represent your interests.


Our attorneys have represented clients involved in litigation regarding a wide variety of cases, ranging from all types of real estate matters to business, banking and contract litigation.

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